TRAVEL DIARIES ~ Rajwada Palace, Indore

TRAVEL DIARIES ~ Rajwada Palace, Indore

Entering the Rajwada Palace is like stepping into a bygone era. Amidst the chaos of Indore's bustling Khajuri Bazaar, its majestic facade stands seven stories tall. Weaving through the crowds, the honking of cars and rickshaws was overwhelming.

When we entered the lofty arched gateway, the scene was no less lively. Being a Sunday, crowds filled every corner, tourists capturing moments with their selfies, and children running around laughing joyfully.

It took a moment before a sense of calm slowly descended upon us. As the initial flurry of activity faded into the background, it felt as if time itself had slowed down, allowing us to lose ourselves in the beauty of the architecture.

Once home to the revered queen Ahilyabai Holkar, Rajwada Palace has an enormous courtyard leading to dimly lit staircases. These open up to beautifully carved balconies.

Along the sides, long corridors with repeating wooden arches create a rhythmic feel. Delicate niches, jalis, and patterned ceilings are so charming. We spent time sitting on a stone ledge soaking in the energy until the setting sun brought in the long shadows.

Passing through Indore on numerous occasions, we have never taken the time to explore the city until now. As fate would have it, a late flight and a few hours to spare gave us the chance to see this stunning building.

Rajwada Palace has a way of pulling you into an immersive experience despite the bustle. A must-visit if in Indore.