Why do we use handmade cloth?

Handmade cloth is about people, as much as it is about the cloth. 

Hand spinning and weaving are community crafts. They brings a sense of togtherness, as many hands are required in the process of spinning yarn, setting up looms, winding bobbins and weaving. 

Handmade cloth has history.

India's textile heritage is vast and varied. Each region has in it's own type of traditional techniques. Many of the weaving skills that have been passed down through the generations, are still being used.

In some areas the old skills are even being used to create comtemporary textiles on handlooms. The potential for design innovation using these traditional techniques is endless and can contribute to the survival of many craft communities. 

Handmade cloth is perfect, imperfect.

Handmade cloth has inconsistencies. These should not be seen as flaws for they are the unwritten signature of a weaver. They are what give a textile a soul.

Handmade cloth makes beautiful clothes.

The Kishmish product line celebrates the irregularities, limited editions & human aspect of handcrafting.

We are partial to natural, plain weave cloth, which is the bread and butter for so many weaving communities. When they are yarn dyed, plain weave textiles are full of texture and depth. They lend a simple complexity to our clothing. 

We use handmade textiles in our collections quite simply because we love it!